18 March 2009

Past few months......

Well well, it's super long since my last really blog post. It's about Leon's 21st birthday back in October 2008. Others post after that just fillers. Hahaha...Even some of my friends put " Alvin's blog still Happy New Year" as their personal message, some come chat box urge me update, and even some from a dying blog updated their blog and even laugh me !!! How could this possible!!

Okay, enough of the rubbish and HELLO !!! I'M BACK !! This might be a long post since it's monthS update. So after Leon's birthday in 2008 there don't have any event in November except I hardcore gaming the Atlantica Online even during exam period and score. So during December, Merry Christmas~!!!

I'm the photographer so don't have me inside :(

Just a simple celebration at The Curve - The Street with my family :)
Next is the Happy New Year~!!!! Welcome 2009 !!!! hahahahahaahahha...

As I promised in my 1st January 2009 entry, my achievement/experience in 2008.
So, my life isn't that interesting or eventful as many others but I'm happy with my life~ Weeeee~~~ eh ??!! I tried 3 online game in a year and all are high level? LoL...Those who need online game advise, please conduct appointment with me XD

Resolution in 2009.
  • Keep Fit ! (2008 enjoyed too much, gain so much weight)
  • Start to build my portfolio.
  • Another island trip.
  • Celebrate my birthday with my friends after so long I never celebrate with them.
  • Accompany my family in Kuantan more often.
  • Stop playing so much online game. (this is hard..hmmm...)
  • Change my speaker.
  • Increase my academic result.(too much gaming will cost you)
Okay !! A very good and simple yet meaningful resolution for myself ! Lets work hard..
Here come the Chinese New Year~ Moo Moo Year~ Any WarcraftIII players remember moomoo map? Feel like playing it again XD

I went back home when they take this photo :(
And I din't take any photo during this CNY because
I'm fat !

Time pass very fast, few weeks later and it's Valentine's Day. How's your Valentine's Day celebration? I have mine with a simple dinner with my dear in Full House.

Is this Jack cute?
I'm once a Skeleton too during in DragonRaja online. XD

Just 3 weeks after Valentine's Day, here come my big day ! Happy birthday to myself ~
Had the celebration with my at least 9 years friends ( most are since form 1). Do you have so many friends still gather around even after so many years?

@ MOS - Euphoria again.

Party started !! ~~
By the way, the white white effect in the pictures is not because the camera is lousy, it's because the mist that they spray out at the place.

Dance baby dance~

My dear and I

Adeline and I

On the vibration dance floor.

Can you see a tiger trying to eat Adeline. LOL !!

Clement and Mr.HHL

Leon's Melaka housemates

Jeremiah and his wife.

When people start to blur, the photo taken also become blur.

All not hardcore clubber, buy why need to open 3rd chivas?You all shocked me !!

The galz
The guyz

PWN !!

Guess why this 2 look like this
Because looking someone like
Adeline aka -shyanz-



Peace + dancing....then

acting angel...then
Laughing at self??? Lol..Ade..you're funny !!!! Mr.Kok also laughing at you...

And Clement no eye see after snap that photo.

So, we show him....

Party continue...

With the happening Adeline and of cause

My dear and I~

Adeline, you drink alot?

All look happy ya :)

My attempt to win Mr.HHL !!!
I guess I win this time !!
(lost to him during Leon's 21st birthday)

Pyramid shape ruined by this fellow....

Look like Leon enjoy himself a lot too XD
BOOO to those never come!!


Continue dance dance~

And tired...

Year of Moo MOo~ so cute..hahaha..

And the night end exactly at 3am.

Thanks every one on that night for making this happen. Especially you two
And not least, Clement for organizing and contact everyone and Adeline helping for booking :)

The Next Day.

Genting Highland.....Here we come~~ Give us Money !!!!
Gamble.....gamble.....gamble...gamble...no time for photo session.....gamble...gamble...gamble....
4 and half hours later......

Leon : makan..hou ngor ahhh.... (eat..very hungry..)
Jerry : hai lo...pin dou sek... (ya..go where eat...)
Vion & EeLin : hou ngan fan ah... (very sleepy ahh..)
Clement : .........
Mr. Kok : diu..yeng siu siu jek... (F*ck..win abit only)
Hhl : eh..gor dou yao leng nui !! ( eh..there got pretty girl)
Me : sek yeh lo...giok hou tong ah...hai lan jor.. (eat...my leg very pain...shoe spoil already)
Leon : oi! bin dou sek (oi..go where eat)
Jerry : come...Old Town
Leon, Me, EeLin : Old Town??? !!! Cyber sek dou sien..... (Old Town ?? !!! at cyberjaya eat till fed up)

End up, still go Old Town..with every 1 looking so tired.

Table 1
Table 2

Clement, Vion, EeLin missing !! wahhaha...

Eh..EeLin...Don't cry...You are still with us..

LiAnn and Jerry

Me and my dear

Leon and EeLin

They gay since Euphoria till the next day...Check the picture they PWN up there !

The IronMan !
And last, the face that lost money :(


lyme said...

this post looks like a few combined into one...LOL!

AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

yea it is. haha

JamesChow said...

You will never get out of Atlantica...Wahahahahahaha....

AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

No~~ i Will !! eventually... ? hehe..