10 April 2009

CyberFusion 2009 First Day

It's CyberFusion 2009 !! If you are a true gamer then you should know what it is. For those who don't know, CyberFusion is a LAN party or if you want to find out more, then you can click Spotgamers site.

It's a big event for gamers to gather and play game via LAN and most important, it's held in MMU ( Multimedia University) Grand Hall - a place where most MMU-ians die inside (aka. exam hall). So, of cause ME as a MMU-ians and also a half-ass gamer myself wont miss the opportunity to witness this World Record Lan Party ever !! Why call world record lan party? It's because it tend to break previous record of 36hours Lan party by making this CyberFusion 2009 longest Lan Party ever ! How long? I'm not sure because I just go witness and not participate. Hahaha..but the banner stated 10 - 12 April 2009. Would it be 48 hours? Wow..does that mean gaming until die for this 48 hours?

So this morning after my early 8am class, went lunch + assignment discussion, it's already 3.30pm !!! Without wasting anymore time, headed to Grand Hall !! Although the weather is not that good.

Next thing when reached there, can see people queuing to enter KLCC Pikom PC Fair, Eh..it's CyberFusion 2009. By the way, pc fair is on the same day in KLCC too, but MMU grand hall won't lose to pc fair because there is a big AMD booth here too !

But....the booth no booth babe..too bad...

Photo quality going to be sux because I just using my old cheapo Nokia 6630 to snap the pictures. Now I notice what I lack of.....a camera!!Seriously I need a camera soon.

Before entering the hall, you need to register yourself first as a Player or Guest. I went for Guest of cause :)

Inside the Hall.

I think the picture above is the legendary Kingsurf dota team I assume? Their hood behind stated a very the big KINGSURF. Blame my 6630 for the lousy camera lens.
Before go back rest, guess who I met? It's my secondary classmate, Rinie!!! or more known as Si_Jali nowaday. Don't know who is Si_Jali? Google it.

Don't forget that this is just the first day and the event will continue until Sunday. Grand Opening will be on 12am 11 April 2009. Gamers ! What are you still waiting at???

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