14 April 2009

CyberFusion 2009 Day 3

It's third day ! The last day of CyberFusion 2009. And yes, I didn't miss a single day of spending a little time at there for this 3 days. Well, actually is because go campus for rehearsal for Technoprenuer presentation on Monday(yesterday) but all the classroom are closed on Sunday :( So Navind, Khai, Samuel, Nina and me just go to the lecturer's room corridoor with table to do our discussion. Just finish the discussion only, we straight head to the ending of CyberFusion 2009.

It's World Guiness Record !!! CyberFusion 2009 manage to break the previous 36 hours LAN party's record and this time it's 40 hours and 58 second. This time, thanks Navind for his Camera phone.

It's already half way of the closing ceremony when we reached there and the dragon dance was performing at that time.

But all the gamers were toooooo tired to see it

At the same time, Dota final match was ongoing too. As expected again, KingSurf team vs FishNet, and 3rd and 4th ranking DNA-SK vs ........(I still don't know the another team's name)

After the dragon dance finished, due to too tired of using brain during discussion for presentation, we went back home and rest before the ceremony officially totally end. Too bad that I can't manage to watch the legendary KS's team Dota match. Can anyone send me the result?

This is all about CyberFusion 2009 - World Longest Lan Party ever. For the ending describtion, access to Spotgamers site for player's experience and feel.

This event is so cool !!

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