13 December 2012


Been waiting for the hectic months of yours to be end.
Letting you to rest when you can during the period.
Planned to go Penang once your weekend is finally free.
Planned to go Taiwan once I got my leave after the one year.

You are finally free from hectic moment.
You told me you just want to rest when you can,
but the first week you are free, we no longer share the weekend together.
You found your activities that filled your weekend perfectly,
while I'm still waiting for you,
with the planned unsuccessfully perform.

Thus, everything is too late.
Never predicted that, for you to rest,
will gave your energy to share your moment,
but no longer with me.
Secretly planned activities, was not seen,
surprise travel just turned into regretful event.
Because I never told you firmly;
I will bring you travel.

Appreciate every moment.
Appreciate every second.
Appreciate the love one.
Appreciate while it last..

Surprise does not always bring good result,
its actually a double edge sword.

The heart is still bleeding.

Day 5.

12 December 2012


The stabbed heart feeling heavy.
Could feel the blood spilling out of it each time it beat.
How I wish, if it could be stop beating.

It's just Day 3..how much longer will it continue?

10 December 2012

It's the end?

A deep stab in the Heart.

You pull it out fast without any mercy.
Restriction to shout.
Restriction to talk.
Restriction to pain.
Restriction to beg.
To show opposite emotion to others.
To continue Life with the shattered Heart.

Then, being push into a dead end, with the entrance was sealed.
Leaving no survival or chance to bring everything back together.

When something called Love, have convert to Annoy.

21 March 2011

Excatly One Year

It's funny that for so long I never login to my dashboard in blogspot which I almost totally forget about it,the day I left and re-login back to my blog was exactly 1 year! Hence, here a mini update on it to make sure this blog is still alive afterall =)

A brief events that happened the 1 whole year :

  • Managed to sell that previous desktop PC to Clement Cheam
  • Bought a new desktop PC with high spec but lower pricing from market price
  • Changed my lcd screen to Dell's 23'
  • Quit Dragonica
  • Back to HoN - Quit after few months
  • Started Heroes of Might and Magic Online
  • Not so happening events at mid of the year 2010
  • did my Final Year Project (Smart Marketing Portal System)
  • Quit Heroes of Might and Magic Online
  • move from Seri Kembangan to Damansara Perdana, Perdana View Condo
  • retake one subject on long sem - which I spent it like a holiday and online gaming non stop
  • Truly quit HON
  • Started Pandora Saga - Atlus server
  • Finally changed my antique Nokia 6630 to Blackberry Torch 9800
  • End of year parties.
  • New year with little new resolution.
  • Started Internship for degree program.
  • Moving to Armanee Terrace very soon.
Well, as usual, nothing too special happen again but yet my life is so colorful.

21 March 2010

Lelong~~~~~ I'm Upgrading My PC

Package includes:

-Motherboard : Asus P5KR
-Processor : Intel Dual Core E2200 @ 2.40Ghz 2.40Ghz
-Graphic Card : Nvdia Geforce - 8600GT 256mb ddr3
-Ram : 2X1GB Kingston PC 667 D2 (Total 2gb)
-Hard disk : 160GB Sata
-Casing : Cooler Master GLite
-Asus P5KR box included with some other accessories that come along - never use before. (see picture below)
-Monitor : Samsung SyncMaster 740BF

Price: RM 1100 (nego)

Warranty: 7days personal

Dealing method: COD

Location of seller: Seri Kembangan , Serdang, Cyberjaya, ( Damansara Mutiara, Damansara Perdana - WEEKEND ONLY )

Contact method/details: alvin_ftc@hotmail.com / leave comment

Age of item: 2 years


Item(s) conditions: Good

Reason for sale: Upgrading to p45 board and got new casing.

Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image

01 October 2009


Woot, yesterday went to my sister's house overnight 1 night and I saw a new toy in there !! Well, to make it clear for those who are not close with me, that house is also my "weekend house" because of almost every weekend I'll stay there with my sister =) You know la, I'm so good with my sister that she'll miss me so much if I never go her house during weekend. Then her house also got another housemate name Ida - my sister best friend I assume, friend since primary or secondary school. Not sure. Ok, back to the topic - my new toy XD

Ladies and gentlemen~Let me introduce the new Toy Poodle in da house Ms Pixie

Hohoho...NEW TOY !!!! So small that I can flying kick her from 6th floor into da pool at ground floor..hahahahaha...Well, actually it's not mine nor my sis, but she belongs to Ida. Ms Pixie mummy is still training her where to Sh*t and pee because she just 2 months old and she Sh*t and pee allllllll overrrrrr the house~Yucks...That's why I'm going to make her my toy and keep disturbing her as my enjoyment instead of petting her. Hahaha...Know why I got this thinking?It's all started during the next morning when I wake up.

In the morning, after my sis, her bf, and Ida left for work she was in her space (cage) and she keep crying so loud that it can wake me up. So see her being so pity alone in the space, so I release her and wanna play with her but then, after she come out she straight went under the sofa and rest inside without making any noise anymore. I pull her out, she move in. Pull out she move in again. WTH?

She is soooo lazyyyyyyyy

Laaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Girllllllllllllll !!!!!!
Don't wanna play with me !!!

Lazy la ! This weekend kick you from 6th floor !! Hiak !!!

22 September 2009


What I'm scare of is here, sooner than I expected.
Not insisting and just let it be, is a mistake.
A mistake was made, a price to pay.
Can't support 100% , because betrayed own feeling.
If there is any turning point, I've totally no idea where it is.
The dark path getting darker, as alone into it.
It will continue,
Silent suffering and scaring.