01 October 2009


Woot, yesterday went to my sister's house overnight 1 night and I saw a new toy in there !! Well, to make it clear for those who are not close with me, that house is also my "weekend house" because of almost every weekend I'll stay there with my sister =) You know la, I'm so good with my sister that she'll miss me so much if I never go her house during weekend. Then her house also got another housemate name Ida - my sister best friend I assume, friend since primary or secondary school. Not sure. Ok, back to the topic - my new toy XD

Ladies and gentlemen~Let me introduce the new Toy Poodle in da house Ms Pixie

Hohoho...NEW TOY !!!! So small that I can flying kick her from 6th floor into da pool at ground floor..hahahahaha...Well, actually it's not mine nor my sis, but she belongs to Ida. Ms Pixie mummy is still training her where to Sh*t and pee because she just 2 months old and she Sh*t and pee allllllll overrrrrr the house~Yucks...That's why I'm going to make her my toy and keep disturbing her as my enjoyment instead of petting her. Hahaha...Know why I got this thinking?It's all started during the next morning when I wake up.

In the morning, after my sis, her bf, and Ida left for work she was in her space (cage) and she keep crying so loud that it can wake me up. So see her being so pity alone in the space, so I release her and wanna play with her but then, after she come out she straight went under the sofa and rest inside without making any noise anymore. I pull her out, she move in. Pull out she move in again. WTH?

She is soooo lazyyyyyyyy

Laaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Girllllllllllllll !!!!!!
Don't wanna play with me !!!

Lazy la ! This weekend kick you from 6th floor !! Hiak !!!