21 March 2011

Excatly One Year

It's funny that for so long I never login to my dashboard in blogspot which I almost totally forget about it,the day I left and re-login back to my blog was exactly 1 year! Hence, here a mini update on it to make sure this blog is still alive afterall =)

A brief events that happened the 1 whole year :

  • Managed to sell that previous desktop PC to Clement Cheam
  • Bought a new desktop PC with high spec but lower pricing from market price
  • Changed my lcd screen to Dell's 23'
  • Quit Dragonica
  • Back to HoN - Quit after few months
  • Started Heroes of Might and Magic Online
  • Not so happening events at mid of the year 2010
  • did my Final Year Project (Smart Marketing Portal System)
  • Quit Heroes of Might and Magic Online
  • move from Seri Kembangan to Damansara Perdana, Perdana View Condo
  • retake one subject on long sem - which I spent it like a holiday and online gaming non stop
  • Truly quit HON
  • Started Pandora Saga - Atlus server
  • Finally changed my antique Nokia 6630 to Blackberry Torch 9800
  • End of year parties.
  • New year with little new resolution.
  • Started Internship for degree program.
  • Moving to Armanee Terrace very soon.
Well, as usual, nothing too special happen again but yet my life is so colorful.

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