13 December 2012


Been waiting for the hectic months of yours to be end.
Letting you to rest when you can during the period.
Planned to go Penang once your weekend is finally free.
Planned to go Taiwan once I got my leave after the one year.

You are finally free from hectic moment.
You told me you just want to rest when you can,
but the first week you are free, we no longer share the weekend together.
You found your activities that filled your weekend perfectly,
while I'm still waiting for you,
with the planned unsuccessfully perform.

Thus, everything is too late.
Never predicted that, for you to rest,
will gave your energy to share your moment,
but no longer with me.
Secretly planned activities, was not seen,
surprise travel just turned into regretful event.
Because I never told you firmly;
I will bring you travel.

Appreciate every moment.
Appreciate every second.
Appreciate the love one.
Appreciate while it last..

Surprise does not always bring good result,
its actually a double edge sword.

The heart is still bleeding.

Day 5.

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