14 April 2009

CyberFusion 2009 Day 2

OK !! I know I know !! CyberFusion 2009 end on 12 April 2009, but I'm just too busy to update this blog. Just finish my presentation on Technoprenuer subject this morning and need rush some case study on the same subject and have to prepare my Software engineering project also. OMG !! So busy....but still !!!!! I won't miss this cyberfusion entry !!

This is the day 2 on CyberFusion. As I mentioned in my previous post, the grand opening ceremony start on 12am 11/04/2009, so I go with James and Khai at 12am 12/04/2009 which is 24 hours later after the grand opening. Indirectly, this does mean the gamers played for 24 hours non stop already. Thanks James for the camera :D

On the first day during registration, we can see this...

On 12am 12/04/2009, we can see this....

Very big different isn't it? Does this mean there is not much players as estimated? So without wasting any time, move in to the "battlefield". And, we see this...

Zoom out and view from different angle...

Oh...Do you think it's awesome to have this much of gamers?Later, you might just "WoW!!" Since guest/spectator can not move into the battlefield, we move around the battlefield and we found this result board.

It is FIFA09 and the champion is [T2. w|nds] Alex. As expected result from a player of [w|nds].
Then Dota is held until semifinal, final will be on the next day.

Too long, can't snap whole board.

The 4 team qualified themself are KingSurf team(expected as well), Fishnet, DNA-SK, and another is.......I can't read properly from the picture... (Please let me know)
After that, we find some other better spot to view this cyberfusion, as they provided Viewing Gallery / Blogger's Lounge.

After went inside, this is the place even myself as a MMU-ian never ever step before and what we see on first thing is...WOW !!!

There are around 500 computers in the hall. Imagine, you go to a cybercafe play game. You register yourself at the counter before you assigned a computer. When you see the number of computer that you assigned - PC487. WTH !!!

James Chow and Me
And then we sit at King's seat.

No a single soul is in here. Hahaha....And we can have a nice view on the whole scene

And also a Dota match from Start...

Until end...

After that, we observe what's the different between this LAN party beside as a gigantic Cybercafe and a normal cybercafe. This is the result..you can't see this in a "normal" cybercafe

A racer with his steering and 2 mouses. A razer keyboard with red led I believe?

A player with sarung and his joystick.

Player with his rabbit and wear headset like rabbit style

A rocker with his instrument.

Well, this is what we call it as a true gamer ! They are serious in gaming .Since it's already running for more than 24 hours, many players are taking nap with different position. And we spotted 3 winner of the LAN Party Sleeping Pose Contest!

2nd Runner up - Pillow Hugging

1st Runner up -Sideway Pillow Hugging

Champion - Ninja Cloaking Style

Ok, that's all for second day of CyberFusion. I'm damn tired and I will go to sleep now !! Day 3 CyberFusion will up on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Was wondering if I could have permission to use your picture (DSC03915.JPG) in this post. I spot myself inside, and thought of using it in my blog. Thanks :)

AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

yes sure but please credit to James Chow since it's originality taken from his camera.