16 April 2009

Little Cheri Blossom

Recently I was doing some business plan for my technoprenuer subject. At first my group was thinking to do some normal leasing spaces for art at a specific area but we need to re-think our business plan when our lecturer post a new announcement stated : " Please have your business with Information Technology (IT) related since this is a 'techno'preneur subject". So, we came up an idea with implementing "Live-Auction" in our business.

Last year, in Cyberpreneurship subject - we need to sell some shitty toothbrush that cost us RM42/piece. Imagine we need to profit from our business and we need to sell the useless toothbrush for RM 50/piece. Who the hell is going to buy a brandless toothbrush for RM50??? Even OralB pulsonic toothbrush just cost around RM30++ in Watson. To make the scenario worst, we are told not to direct selling like previous Cyberpreneur students but to sell it Online.

Guess internet is no longer a medium just for chatting, transferring data, information searching, but now it's also an opportunity for business people to start, advertise, enhance their business and a medium for purcharser to do their shopping.

Last few weeks ago, -shyanz- just complaining she jobless - penganggur after graduate !! Free until go mall and pose for her devilish photo.

Few days later, she surprise us with her very own E-boutique business. Alone managing the whole business, from managing her Blogshop, facebook group, taking stocks, handling order, and including COD items.

Now, Welcome to Little Cheri Blossom.

What is this Little Cheri Blossom? It's an E-boutique that sell females (shyanz, why no male?) trendy clothing from casual to formal. Oh well, I found out I'm not so good in describing female's fashion so let just see some samples post by Little Cheri Blossom. CLick for Enlarge.

Since her business is just establish, Little Cheri Blossom is having promotion period which is shoppers are entitle for Free Delivery for all items (except shoes) and Free COD for all items from now until 30th April 2009!

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