14 March 2008

New Items That Can't Miss In My Life

Yay...Take some times from hard-coring Cabal to update my blog. What's in my entry this time? Hooray~~ A lot new items for me this month that make me feel so fresh to everything :)

The 1st item was my A Look spectacles bought by my sister - Algie

Maroon Red ALook eyeglasses.

2nd item is my 21st birthday present from my dearest girl friend - Vion

Fred Lenzo hang bag.

3rd item also my 21th birthday present from Khai - shared by Samuel, De Wen, James Chow, Navind, Edmund, and Vivian. Thanks all.

Razer - DeathAdder High Precision 3g Infrared Gaming Mouse.

Last item. My new desktop pc rewarded from myself !! With the spec -
  • Motherboard - Asus P5KR
  • Processor - Intel Dual Core E2220
  • Graphic Card - Nvdia Geforce - Galaxy 8600GT 256mb ddr3
  • Ram - Kingston PC 667 D2 (2gb)
  • Hard disk - Seagate 160gb
  • Casing - Cooler Master Elite

Old Desktop on left New Desktop on right.

Ok. I know... It's ugly that I used the old optical drive in my new desktop but it's just temporary ok. For me to buy along the optical drive will cause me over budget. So just let it be there for around 1 month 1st. Well, it's also not really a very powerful pc if compare to quad core and other graphic card but it's a pc that rewarded by myself ^^ happy ^^

That's all for this month item. Next month target -
  • A new mobile phone (any suggestion?)
  • Altec Lansing speaker
  • Optical drive for my new pc
Gambateh gambateh!!!!! Very Poor... Anyone hiring me for work??


lyme said...


*drools..thumping feet impatiently

DAMN! i love the specs especially the graphic card ^^

心雨 said...

wahsehhh...so many things harr..
good good..