23 March 2008

Cabal Event in Times Square

Cabal Exhibition, Cabal Event, Cabal Advertisement booth, Online Game Exhibition ...... Call it whatever you want. For me, it's an event for all Cabalist who free to spend their time to know more about Cabal and win some prizes there !! This event held on the Saturday and Sunday last week, 22nd and 23rd March 2008 and I was "sent" by Mr. John to "report" what happened that day...hahaha...

PvP & Combo-ing Area

The Crowd

As all Cabalist know, there is alot of kids playing this games which at first I myself not sure how "kid" is those kids is till that day !! Maybe those are the kids from MapleStory which is another Asiasoft's online game.

So many kids!!

After that, open ceremony of the Cabal's Event !! Pop PoP poP pOp !!! Mini-paper-firework (I have no idea what that call) was trigger by the Cabalists there.

Some of the event held there were some lucky draw, pvp competition, combo competition, quiz, and so on. The Grand Prize was the tempting Astral Bike, and it won by a girl! First Prize include RM10,000 won by another girl! Follow by 2nd and 3rd prize, which also won by another 2 more girl!!! OMG!! I just wanna make sure, those are lucky draw winner or what ??? I'm not really concentrating on the emcee since busy looking around other places that time but you know what? It's sexist!!!!ArggggGGgg!!!! After that leaving the place and walk around other booth and see what's happening there and I saw a male Force Blader and a female Force Archer !!

Force Archer , Blader, Force Blader

Well, that day not only just exhibition of the Cabal but also other new online games promotion like Nostale, JINonline, 3guoOnline (3 kingdom) , RAN2, and some others more. There is also got Granado Espada, Lineage2, Call of Duty but those don't really attract a lot gamers to their booth.

Another for real-kid game?

Besides online game exhibition, it also the day of ACCG (please correct me - I'm not sure the name) Well, it's something like GACC day in MMU, which is alot of cosplay playing around and compete who can imitate their favorite anime character !!

Some cosplay fellow and my dear, Vion

That's the "report" of the event. Not much because went to Pavilion after that. Too many KIDS in Times Square with ugly "Sg.Wang-costume" or some say "Sg.Wang-Style" or "Sg.Wang-Look". Forgive my can't-follow-youngster-trend ill.


The Next Day
Surprise from my brother for his wife and his baby girl Ansley - his brand new Mercedes-Benz B-class , indirectly surprised me too. LoL...

It's damn Cool !!

I should work on my round face!

Baby girl Ansley


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