08 April 2008

My Dad 60th Birthday @ MS Garden

It's a very very very big day in my life~ It's my dad's birthday!!! This year he turned 60 and he still look young XD. Since it's his 60th birthday so my brother and my sisters organized his 60 "tai sao" (60th big celebration ??) in my family lovely peaceful hometown, Kuantan. We organized it simple but feel close among relatives because we invited almost all close relatives that happened to be free on the day. So the celebration held at MsGarden, but it's a afternoon celebration - lunch with 4 tables.

One day before the celebration, my brother confirmed us that he can't make it to celebrate together because his baby girl Ansley just discharged from hospital in Singapore. Few days before, Ansley was having bad diarrhea - maybe she still can't adapt to the environment and water in Singapore. So my brother and his new family can't make it to the celebration.

Back to the celebration, but at first let me introduce the small little devil in my family - Mr Vin Ken !!!

The Vampire

Ready to suck blood

Joking !!

Events happened during the lunch.

The Father's side relative

What word is this? LoL

My 2 sisters

Wah Khau at the middle

With 2 Kam

Finish lunch - Birthday song~ Happy birthdaY~!!!!

The Cake

Happy birthday dad

Cutting the cake and what the lil devil doing?

Lil devil stealing!!

Lunch ended, at MsGarden main entrance.


More posers @@

Dear, my elder sis,and me

Best picture of the day.

My Dearest and I

Reach home - present from my uncle for my dad.

Another family picture :)