01 May 2008

Labor day

It's 1st of May 2008 !! Labor Day for this year which is also every single working person having their holiday~ yay~!! Almost a month that I never update my blog which appeared that I'm having difficulty to get pictures when I wanted to blog. Without pictures it's hard for me to describe everything in detail which I'm a person who are not really that good in elaborating story of my life.

Final exam for this semester coming soon. Assignment due date reaching soon too including this morning just finish the presentation of CyberP. The contract of my waterfall house also ending. Which made the situation very the vexed. Cabaling too much. Delayed the assignment process. Agent can't find a good house in Cyberia. OMG!!!!

So after the presentation in the morning, went to Sri Kembangan with De wen, Mr. Ng Chang Khai, and Mr. James Chow with the mission titled - The New Wolfz Den

Objective of mission
  • Go Sri Kembangan - in Bandar Putri Permai.
  • Look for houses with board/sticker/paper on main door.
  • Call the number 1 by 1 .
  • Look for houses that is suitable to be new den for Wolfz
  • Return Cyberjaya after mission above completed.
We found some interesting houses which quite suitable to be my new den. How you all think bout my new den?

House with tree inside car porch

House with natural hiding place for Wolfz

Credit to James Chow who take the photos of the houses.


On The News Site

Dr Mahathir Mohamad today entered the world of blogging with the address www.chedet.com. According to MalaysiaKini news, I quote this out :

Mahathir said the site was "dedicated to publishing my writings as and when I am able to pen my thoughts and opinion."

Congrats Tun and welcome to the world of blogging.

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