27 May 2008

Reminiscene of CrossX

CrossX - A blader from CabalSea.com. He's from Mercury and always join channel 19 when he's awake. He started his journey in World of Cabal since 3rd March 2008 until today and met quite a lot other Cabalist in there. Now, CrossX seem tired with the journey and might take some rest before continuing his journey inside...

Here some of CrossX memories........

CrossX still a kid and met John.

Mr John teach warming up.

Then he show CrossX how to do KameHameHa from Dragonball.



Then we dance the "Gay dance" together

Few more days later, we form a new guild call Asgard - lead by John. A kiss goodbye for WantedDOA.
After that, for the 1st time in CrossX life, managed combo more than 15 times.

Few more days later........
Obviously, Asgard won WantedDoa for the friendly guild war. Gorge666 is the WantedDoa leader.
Then, CrossX break his 16 combo record and build a new record of 21 combo.

After weeks CrossX in Cabal, he found his CLONE!! CrossXII (CrossX 2 !!).CrossXII is a force shielder and HER experience is still lower than CrossX at the time. Many people thought that was CrossX too at the 1st time. After that she become CrossX wife in Cabal (forcefully by CrossX)

After that, CrossX need to went out from Cabal world for around 1 week for midterm exam =.="" When he continue his journey in Cabal, CrossXII had left the guild without reason and can't be found since that day. So CrossX continue his journey alone until he reached dual transcender skill and maximize upgraded his sword skill which is important for a blader.

Current CrossX

For now, CrossX might rest for a period 1st before continue the journey in Cabal. And this is the Asgard logo, created/designed by Mr John.

Winged Guardian

Meaning of Asgard - Quote from Wikipedia - In Norse mythology, Asgard (Old Norse: Ásgarðr; meaning "Enclosure of the Æsir"[1]) is the country or capital city of the Æsir surrounded by an incomplete wall attributed to a Hrimthurs riding the stallion Svadilfari, according to Gylfaginning. Valhalla is located within Asgard.


lottery said...

We should have a great day today.

Anonymous said...

love your story..
can i ask u a question about blader..
im a cabal player too..
i just want to know what is the most suitable skill for blader..can you list it down..looking forward from u