06 November 2007

2nd Day in Cyberjaya Cyberia

As the topic mention, back to study..Weeeeeee....After so long never frequent update my blog, so sorry again =.=" Was busy preparing my stuff to move here before this. Today whole day since 11am till 6pm was in campus. Busy with take my offer letter, verify ID, take courses n schedule for this semester, settle my finance stuff in Malacca before this, register courses and some credit transfer things.

The real tired not because of all that, but my new "Home" which is full of dirt, rubbish, rabbit's SH*T!!!!!!! OMG, how am I going to go through all this while the "other peopleS" manage to continue their study and watching movie there? After that followed by pipe system not functioning. Both washroom also flood and out of services. So each time I want to bath, I need go another friend's house to do it. So I already plan, after my roomate Samuel move his things inside the room and we finish buy our furniture, going to clean up everything in that house so it will be a real " Home".

Some happy news for me is.....YAY!!! This sem only got 2 courses to take. means I'll got alot free time for me to continue enjoy my life for another 2 more months. Hahaha... but I think I can't continue that life, must have my own comitment already. I've set up some target to myself and let see if I'll manage to do it in future or not.



Anonymous said...

'After that follow by paip system not functioning.'

it should be 'After that followed by pipe system not functioning'

yours sincerely,

Puan Shamalah.

AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

haha...thanks for correcting me. type too fast and still improving my english skill :)

Anonymous said...

'After that follow by paip system not functioning.'

'follow' should be in past tense.

Yours sincerely,
Pn. Shamalah

lik said...

tjis sem u got 2 courses?? i think should be 2 subjects rite? hehe =P