03 March 2008

Khai's 21st Birthday @ RedBox

As my previous entry said, going to celebrate advance Mr. Ng Chang Khai (he love his name being post in my entry) birthday on the night of 29 February 2008. So late only publish this entry? Oh my, gimme some break.. I can't even got enough time to go for my own shopping on the weekend and of course I'll only publish this entry after I back to Cyberjaya here.

Well, it's hard to write what happened on the night so I'll just let the pictures to do the summary of the night okiez ??

When every one still energetic.

Chang Khai concentrate singing and we concentrate listen.

Birthday song

Unexpectedly, my name also on the cake

Some gay scene. Omg!!

Me and the cake.

James and the cake.

Ok. Time for singing.

Please don't disturb me sing. LoL

My time to disturb!! wakakaka...

The Gang For the Celebration.

After that we dismiss and we escort Vivian back to her house at Kepong.
After that, went to dim sum at ss2. Time 0500 in the morning and don't blame me and Chang Khai to have this expression.

Before leave, we take another last picture before we all back to home and sleep.


Erin said...

Khai khai, so soli forget to wish u happy birthday le... sing song to you n alvin together la...
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to khai n alvin!
Happy 1, Happy 2, Happy 3, happy...... 21,
Happy birthday to you!!!~~
kekeke... tata

vion said...

all wearing black and white....