27 January 2008

Trapped in a Perfect World

Haha...It's been 2 months that I never update my blog. A lot friends keep asking me why and some even push me ask me to update it. Well, as many already know that I'm having exam at mid of December last year which it appear too busy for me to update my blog. Besides, I also missed my Christmas and New Year Resolution entry. Sorry for those who got keep coming my blog and check for my blog update.

Why? All because I went into a Perfect World. A world that is so perfect which make me trapped inside for the whole month after exam. Well, actually it's a new online game or most known as mmorpg from cubizone.

I'm left side with my partner in crime

It's also 2 years that I never touch any online game since DragonRaja and Gates To Heaven (GTH) so just thought of giving a try on this new online game in Malaysia.

Hell, after playing for 2 days, I can't stop playing it. I was totally trapped in the world and keep doing missions, helping other players, and get know some new virtual friends. There is a good thing i found good about it. I meet all the lost friends in GTH back!!! Yay !!

After around 1 - 2 months I played in the game, now feeling it's time for me to get out from the virtual world and concentrate in the reality world. It's also time for me to continue my study where campus will start a new semester starting tomorrow.

Well, so long never update any entry in the blog made me feel stuck in this entry. Not really got the will for blogging. Hmm...Maybe I'll continue my entry few more days later. So for now, see ya~~

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