31 January 2008

Hong Kong Artist Scandal

Huh? What happen to the entertainment industry? Not long ago before this, there was leak for the nude of Vannesa Hudgens and now, leak of the nude from Hong Kong artist which from (well, not sure if really are from) Edison Chen??? Whose nude you asking? Try google search Edison Chen + Gillian Chung (1 of the Twins) , Edison Chen + Cecilia Cheung (Nicholas Tse's wife) , and Edison Chen + Bobo Chen (myself don't know who is she).

Oh well, I won't upload any nudity in my entry so for those who interested, there is a lot those nude in the internet now. Doctored pictures some people said but if you really look into those pictures, it doesn't seem to be doctored and in 1 of the photo with Gillian, she look so damn Pleased by Edison and how could some one find a Pleased look of her?

I won't believe in those photo until their company or the artist them self to officially announce regarding those nude pictures.

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