31 August 2007

Last Day

Well, Streamyx cacat again and made me cant post my blog on time for another time :( as the title say..Last day....of my internship in MalaysiaKini (actually is on 30 August 2007). Yesterday early reached office to post my 29 August blog. Then straight go have breakfast and went to data centre again because there is 1 server broken during 29 August and fixed it and have to send it back to data centre. Me during in data centre cam whoring like most of the girl =.=" Then since it's Lin and my last day in MalaysiaKini, we plan to do a small farewell during lunch, but Lin went back home before lunch =.= So we just have our lunch at Ipoh Chicken Rice in Jalan Gasing there.

Reach office, then the streamyx in office also down. So whole day sit in office and see my colleagues busy busy busy..haha...pity them. Then i stay in office till around 7.45pm because wait Danny to finish off his work then only he can sign my weekly log :)
It's 1 day before Malaysia celebrate it 50 years of independence day. I have took some pictures of the night of Bangsar from bangsar putra lrt station.

Guess what this 2 building is?? hehe

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