02 September 2007

Rogue Assassin and Rata

Yo..Just back from Cineleisure again :P Don't know why this few weeks i like to spend my time in cinema. Well, today too free so bought 2 movies ticket and watched it in 1 shot. 1st movie on 3.40pm, I watched - Rogue Assassin, starring by Jet Li and Jason Statham. This movie storyline just normal which most of the part I managed to guess it correctly. The nice part was just during the end of the show that when Jet Li (Rogue) started to show his true identity and start doing lot of cool killing style with lot of head chopping, heart stabbing, and sword cutting scenes. Just another action movie by Jet Li :)

Next movie I watched on 9.25pm - Ratatouille, (horrraaayyyy, at last manage to bought the ticket!! haha..) hmm, as expected a very humorous movie. Its about a rat(Remy) who have a very good sense of smell and his ambition was to become a chef. As a rat, he can't manage to cook by using human kitchen. Remy then met Linguorine (whatever the spelling is) a human that also son of the famous chef who Remy admired. From then, the story of a rat cooking by "puppet-ing" the human in the kitchen start and of course since then the humors keep made the audience laugh out loud in the cinema. A nice show I assume :)
Me and Vion before Ratatouille's show start. Outside Cathay cineplex, got the High School Musical 2 premier thinggy event and made the food counter above closed and cause the downstairs counter's queue sooooo llooooonnnnggggg....

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