10 September 2007

Nanako 19

Totally felt disappointed on Hong Kong's ghost movie. Well, but already expected this movie won't be a good show anyway, just wanted to use the "extra" time on weekend. This show is about Gillian, a college students who stay with her another 3 best friends - Eva, Violet, and Mandy who die 1 by 1 start with Eva after they play a SMS game call "Welcome to Hell".

The game got 19 level of hell but as for history of Chinese, hell usually got 18 level which every one call it as "18 level hell" (direct translate from mandarin) and they felt weird why there was level 19 and play the game. Inside the game the girls will see a guy called Gao but the truth of this Gao is, he already dead from comitted suicide 10 years ago.

Gillian continue play this game with the guide from Gao that the person who play this game must have great courage to counter the game's fear and that's the only way to survive from the game. She keep ontinue play it because she wanted to know what happen to Eva what cause Eva's death. But the rule of the game, whenever you started play the game you MUST complete the game then only you can stop.

Well, most of the story line everyone can guess it correctly. Who's behind the game, what happen to Eva, Violet, and Mandy, will Gillian survive. Can guessed it right. The disappointing parts are during they inside the game - Hell, the visual environment just too fake that it looks like some 80s, 90s movie show and there is 1 part which make me laugh out loud with another 2 malay guys who sit beside me is during they inside hell, using mobile phone's camera to get guide and the guide is A FINGER~!! A pointer just like a mouse pointer. OMG, what the hell of Hell is that ??? Last, there is no ending in the story. Director wants we all to guess the ending too I guess.

My own rate for this movie (max 5 stars) - 2 stars.

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vion said...

haih....regret choose nanako....i think ghost son better...

don worry k~next time we go watch nice movie=)