25 September 2007

Past 10 Days

First, let me apologize for my inconvenient for updating my blog site. It's really been a very busy days for me for the past 10 days. Not only because without internet connection but also totally got no time to rest well and of course not to say time for blogging. But hey!! I'm back~!! So busy, where should I start ?? Hmm...Let me briefly narrate my 1 week travel journey~!!

Went to Genting with Cherry. That day the fog was so thick and the wind was so strong that it managed blew me few steps behind when I open the door from Hotel Genting main entrance. The cold of the gust managed to soaked into my bone and my whole body was temporary freeze for few second. For those who got play Defence Of The Ancient (Dota) , it just like I got FrostBite skill casted on me from Crystal Maiden and temporary froze for few second.

Around 10 pm, Cherry straight bring me went to Pooppy and have some drink with her friends. Then when reached home, around 3 am I straight drive to Subang and have my supper with Leon them in Asia Cafe.

Went to 1 Utama and met Lau's group (including Ho pek, Philip, Soon) there. Then met Leon and EeLin at Starbucks. What to do, Leon rich..felt thirsty and just want have a cup of drink also need find Starbucks. Without Leon knowing, we follow him shopping and try to notice what he like so that we could buy it as his birthday present on next week. EeLin secretly asked me help her buy him the Zara sweater, and we notice he like the Creative brand mp3. After dinner, straight rush to Malacca since it's Suzanne birthday on 16/09 (btw it's Lau's birthday too).

Reach Malacca at 12 ++ am. Suzanne was in PureBar, so we straight rush to PureBar and of cause Lau wanted to give her surprise!! Mission Accomplished!!!

Morning call by Mr. Leon - gave me 10 minutes to brush, bath, comb, and get my butt into his car!!! Went to Jalan Laksama to have our lunch in chicken rice ball shop. Then I became their tour guide in Malacca for the whole day. Went to Church of St. Francis Xavier, famous Stadthuys or well-known as Red House, Clock Tower, St. Paul Hill, A'Famosa, and last back to Jonker Street and had the Baba Chendol - more famous with the name of Durian Chendol.

At night, we had out dinner at TC Spring which is a Chinese air-conditioning restaurant. Then we went to Sunshine Bar to celebrate Suzanne birthday by singing birthday song and cut the cake there. Went back home and rest !! Totally exhausted !!

It's time for me to do my own work!!! Haven't finish do my presentation report and presentation slides. Afternoon time went to find Ms. Nun and Mr. Liew to have some chatting :) Asked about my degree stuff and some other stuff. Then suddenly.. Oh mY GOD!!!! I left my weekly log which Mr. Danny signed on the report in KL!! I was like, what to do? what to do? what to do????? So went to see Mr. Liew and asked him regarding this problem. Luckily he said I can pass it to him later :) phew~

My industrial training presentation day. It's so hot to walk from Stygix to campus since I stay in my ex-housemates's house there. Well, the presentation went smooth and got no problem at all. Afternoon, rush back to KL because night, I need to back Kuantan with my sister because of the next day is my brother's big day~ He going to register his marriage :D

A very special day for my brother~!! He turned to be a husband of some one special to him. Hahaha...Can saw his face that he very happy on that day. It's just registration on this day and he plan to have his wedding dinner everything on next year. Well, haven't get the pictures of this day from him yet so I'll late post the pictures for 19/09/2007. Night, rush back to KL.

Thursday. Early in the morning take bus to Malacca again to submit my weekly log which I forget to bring last 2 days ago. Then afternoon take bus come back KL (fuh...tired!!). So rush?? It's because night going club with Leon, EeLin, Kok Wai, Chiew Heong, and SooWai but at last we just went to Laundry at The Street there have some drink and then continue our drink plus supper at Indomie in SS2 area.

Afternoon after lunch at ss2 Wong Kok Char Chan Teng then back to Kuantan with SooWai's car. Back Kuantan to celebrate Mr. Leon Gan 20th birthday~!! Reached Kuantan then straight went to the barbecue venue - Mr. Joo Heng's house and see what can I help there. After 7pm plus!! Party start!!!!!!!
More pictures of the party in my friendster photos.

Went to Teluk Chempedak ( Kuantan's beach). Have some jelly ice there and get some snapshot of the beach but I havent got those pictures from my dear, Vion's camera yet. So the pictures will upload late. Sorry~

Night - FALL SICK!!!! Maybe travel too much and not enough rest then had alcohol drinks, barbecue. So can't back on the night. Follow my brother's car back KL on the next day.

So, thats all the reminiscence of a Wolfz for these past 10 days. My sick is getting better now so thanks for those who concern me especially my dear, Vion, my brother n his wife, and my family members.

Last, Happy Mooncake Festival every one~!!! Let's celebrate it with happiness~~!!

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