23 August 2007

Born of the Wolfz

Holy, it seem that it's almost a year that i never post anything on the Internet. Well, for those who doesn't really know me yet, my previous blog is on friendster's blog. I just switch my blog to blogspot here because it seem that this blog site provide a good and quality which is also a very user friendly site (oh God!! I'm so outdated although everyday facing the computer with broadband connection with me) . So, maybe it's time again for me to continue to write (or should I call it as to blog) about my feel. For my friends out there who last time ( almost a year ago) got read my blog in friendster.com, they should know when only I will post a blog on the site but this time I can tell you guys that I had change my style as my title of my blog is "Reminiscence of a Wolfz" and not "AlvinFtc's Life" anymore.

Since this is my first post here, you all probably can notice that I'm using the basic function/ template of blogspot which seem not really my style that my page will be so plain and basic. As I said again, this is just my first post means that I just created my account here and haven't done any designing part yet. Hmm..Maybe I should learn some photoshop or illustrator knowledge already. Hahaha

Well, maybe that's all for my brief introduction about the Wolfz that had born in this blogger space.


Vion* said...

dear dear know how to stamp the picture already....don worry i will teach u more~~~~


AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

Eh...I know how to do it long time ago ady la...never do that only b4 this..coz inactive for almost 1 year :P

Vion* said...

eh leh~~~~~lolx