27 August 2007


Last two weeks ago(Friday), I wish to watch Ratatouille in Damansara Cineleisure -Cathay- and at 7.15pm (after work), I drive from my house in SS1 to Cineleisure. Usually at that time the journey from SS1 to Cineleisure only cost around 10 -15 minutes but that day, there is some small accident and cause me stucked in the traffic jam for 40 minutes!!!! Then I drove my car to The Curve parking since I planed to have my dinner there too but what the hell??!!! NO PARKING SLOT FOR ME FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES !!!!!! Late for about 1 hour only reached my destination, so as expected there was no more ticket for Ratatouille. Then I search around and see if there is any movie on show interested me and attracted me is just a big poster of Jay Chow's movie titled Secret . I was like " WTF!! Another Jay Chow movie (after InitialD)??? So i just skipped the show and have a thought of " Ala...Just a normal romantic and sentimental movie.."

Till...the following week, my colleague told me that Secret is very special movie and I just thought again " ok..Jay Chow's fans.." And then, my sister went to watch it with her friend(s) and told me it's very special (again ???) . With few peoples said it was special, so yesterday I went to watch it in Cineleisure with my Vion :)

After the show ended, I knew i was totally wrong at the beginning which I judged the book by it cover!!!! Secret was so amazing that which for a long time I never watch any special movie with my guessing during the show all wrong =.=" Jay Chow did made a great storyline of the movie which he doesn't want any of the audience correctly guess his story.

For those who still haven't watch this movie, I recommend you all to go and

watch while it still on show in the cinema and I guarantee you all wont feel regret :) After the show, went to The Curve Kim Gary and have my dinner. After dinner and while on the way to car park I had took some pictures with my dear :D and this is the latest me !! Look so tired already since it's almost midnight :P

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Vion* said...

ya tat movie is nice!! jessy tell me the last part class picture written "1979 graduation" only....hehe...dear,our next movie "rattatouille"!!!hahaha....then "underdog"!!hehehe....

love you..