30 August 2007

2nd Last Day

Argggghhh…Streamyx DOWN!! AGAIN!!So yesterday I can’t upload my post. Don’t know why nowadays my streamyx line in SS1 here always down during at night time. Should I call TMnet complaint? But no need I call I also can roughly know that what their answer from the customer service there is. Mostly they just will ask you to check your bill (confirmed you paid them for their service), or “Pull your plug from your network and pull it in back”, or “Try restart your modem. If can not then keep restarting modem till it can connect” - (knew this from 1 of my friend). With the broken English and can’t really understand what they saying except for ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘What’s your name please?’ and ‘Sorry’, others word from their mouth just really blur. Is that what Telekom call them as customer services team?

Okies, back to my blog I wrote on yesterday night.I bring from house to office here. HOHOHO... Almost 3 months I had my internship in MalaysiaKini. Today is the 2nd last day I stay here :) So far, I really learnt a lot from here especially in php coding. The first thing I learnt from MalaysiaKini was research on Java NetBeans (J2ME). What I studied in MMU basically just more to computer programming language such as C programming, Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, and Java Programming (JavaSE), so for me to start NetBeans was really a challenging stuff for me to do. Then about the php, before this I admitted that I really have no idea what is that about till I enter MalaysiaKini and thanks to Danny – my tech boss, who tell me what php can do, Z Kiat – the person who I always asked questions to when faced php problems, and Ken – the 1 that help me installed database (MySQL , phpMyAdmin) and server (Apache) in my pc.

Today went to data centre again for moved server. So follow Danny and Z Kiat went to Aims Company, where many others company servers located there. Inside there was realllllllyyyyyy superrrrr colllllddddddd. The temperature should be around 12degree celcius???? Hmm…should be... Well, there is something attracted my eyes to keep thinking of it till now. It’s the design of the company. It looks so cool that I never experience anything like this before but Danny told me there is another company which looks much cooler than this in Putrajaya. Wow…really need go there have a look but the security confirm will be very tight since this company security already very tight for us to go in and move our server =.=” And here is my Tech Manager , Mr Know-Everything-Bout-Tech -Danny

configuring the setting of company's IP, Subnet, Gateway, and test the functionality of servers.

Hell ya..Already so late! Going to sleep soon. Tomorrow will be my last day and I don’t wish to be late :P So tomorrow I’ll evaluate my company and my colleagues after 3 months I stay in MalaysiaKini in my blogs here :) Good night everybody. Love you all..

p/s : due to some critical problem facing now in office. pics will be append when line is running fine and free. Sorry for slow append few pics. Whole morning in data centre and after lunch back office...Streamyx in office totally DOWN!!!! Going to send the complaint to MCMC .

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