28 February 2008

My First Day in JC Venture

First of all, Cabal online close beta officially closed.
Quote from cabalsea.com News :

Dear Cabalists,

Today marks the end of Closed Beta, held from 22nd February - 27th February 2008.

We will like to thank everyone who were invited to the Closed Beta for their feedback and support.

We regret to inform you that there will be a character wipe in Closed Beta but your Login Details will remain the same in Open Beta!

Please do show us your continuous support in CABAL Open Beta slated to arrive soon in early March 2008!

Stay tuned to www.CabalSEA.com for the release date of Open Beta!

- CabalSEA Administrator

HAHAHA!!!CHARACTER WIPE !!! Luckily I didn't hardcore on it or I should say I can't hardcore on it because of the X-Trap anti hackshield problem. It detect my pc got some small adware which it straight terminate the game and auto restart my pc. Run so many spyware remover on my pc but the problem still remain. Seem that re-formatting pc is my only way if I wish to continue play Cabal Online after Open Beta.

Next, back to the title. As stated, yes it's my first day on JC Venture !Are you asking what the hell is that? It actually is a bubble milk tea stall that located in FCM building in Cyberjaya MMU. It's a partnership business where the greatest share owned by my housemates, Heng and James Chow while other partners are their friends which are also MMU students. The history of the JC Venture can be read from James's blog.

Customer's View of JC Venture.

Why suddenly I will involve in their small business there? Simple, because I'm a good guy that love to help. Hahaha..oh my God, myself can't hold it but laugh it out of the statement above. Actually the answer is just because of some unfortunate circumstances, they don't have enough staff to take care the stall and since I'm so free this new semester, it's not bad for me to learn something new while then I can fill-in-the-blank of their blank slot.

Staff's view of JC Venture.

As it's my first day, it's normal that I didn't know how to make those bubble milk tea where it divided into 2 types - milk shake and ice blended. So James and Heng give me the recipe and the steps how to make it but I can't tell others as it's competitor hehe. After that, they even show me the demonstration how to make it. Haha... And,hey...Here is the first bubble milk tea I made for myself. Yay !!

Trust me. My champagne milk shake taste nice.

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