26 February 2008

Cabal vs Perfect World

Yes!! Thanks to Mr Fadrizul aka John_Doh aka Jonn aka Ghey, I manage to play Cabal online close beta version !! Why? It's simple because he was so smart that he send 2 email to request invitation key thus this made him got extra invitation key for me to register. Hooray..Long life Mr John!!

Ok..When log into the game, have to create character to play and u know what?? It look so cool !!
Warrior - A combat melee fighter with big sword.

Force Archer - Archer class who pro in long range using Bow. When high level, use Gun just like how DevilMayCry gunslinger is.

Force Shieder - Tanker in the game. Coolest skill effect in game.

Wizard - Mr John's love. Pure magic user. High damage and cool effect too.

Blader - My love job. Dual weapon user with fastest attack speed in game but damage below average.

Those are the graphic and costume I saw during character creation.
After creation, it turn out to be like this.

Totally sad!!Why look so ugly!!!
Now, back to the title. It's the comparison I made. Judge it yourself.



Cabal on left while Perfect World on right.
And some random screenshots from Perfect World.

The black eye girl I don't know her. Just take a snap of her since I feel she look so "special". Hahaha...The cute blue cloth and purple hair girl? She's a friend of mine in game call koski,who look pretty and cute and most important is, she's friendly and good.

So what do you all think of the graphic between this 2 game? So far, only me alone playing the Perfect World while Cabal online, Mr John, Chester, Mr Ng Chang Khai, Mr Navind(as I heard you wanna try it too)and some others are interest in it.


lyme said...

u go "pou" your Cabal then it will look almost like "Perfect World" perhaps?

Wolfz said...

wah...have to depend on my free time also :P

PhoeniX said...

Yes well... if your cabal character wasnt lvl 1 and ur perfect world i guess 40+ it might be totally different huh... and u missed a char in cabal - Force Blader

Braxter said...

IMHO, in terms of character customation and character graphics, PW still rules because you can literally change every detail, from eyebrow styles to breast sizes :D

@ wolfz, you should have posted a screenie of the char customation in PW as well to be more convincing to others.

ShadowLurker said...

Yeah, using a lvl 1 blader and comparing it wit ha lvl 40+/what ever character is.. a bit silly, really.

here's a picture from cabal. Judge for yourself ;)


No virus or anything, it my personal cabal screenshots.

AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

there is more another post of I quitted cabal online and i was a level 100++ i forget what level i am..around 136 or 137..this is a post that cabal online just release during CLOSED BETA. please check out on the newer post from this. thanks

8BitGigabyte said...

I Just downloaded PW today and I like it a lot more than I ever did Cabal. I'll be doing a review on it once I get to play it a little more.

Anonymous said...

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