23 February 2008

Cabal Online

Ok. For those who familiar with this name they probably are out from Asian. This is actually a 2 years old online game in Europe which their site is here but for Asian, the close beta start today !!! WoW!!! Horaaay !!! The site is in this text here. Ok I know I shouldn't touch anymore online game which will confirm make me addict into the world inside but this time I really can't not to test it!! It looks too cool !!! Well, a friend is having their closed beta which I was too late to register as a close beta tester :( sad :(

So, I just wait for the open beta to release and go for it. Hehe... In the Europe server the highest level already level 161. When Asian start all level 1. Hahaha...do you think I will got time to play till top 1 again just like how I play during GTH?

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