16 September 2009

Tiger Infront My House !!!

Eureka !!! Just a random update for my blog after I abandoned it for almost half a year. Well, frankly I lost interest in blogging for that period of time because there are too many things happening and I was too busy to handle everything so I drown myself into online game. Wait, I haven't post anything about the new online game I'm playing right? HoHo...Yes I quitted Atlantica Online for some reason and in the near future I will post why !! Currently playing back some local online game, well, not really local but from Singapore - IAH game - Dragonica. Feedback of it will coming soon too !

Now, whats really happening in my house is more important because why, there is a tiger appear in front of my house in SK here !!! How dare you tiger step into Wolfz den !! Here the proof !!

Grrr...Hiding and waiting for prey !

Close up !! And the tiger was @@ !! " Omg, I'm still a baby tiger..Prey hunt not easy !"

Slowly shake the butt and walk away.

Misson fail ! The Wolfz are good hunter too !
Still, the 'tiger' gimme GRRRRR look before leave..
And where is he/she hiding???
Cut grass on the afternoon, and rain before finish cut everything.


ladyviral said...

Sad case... kitty call tiger... you play game until siao liao? quit AO liao is it? Ok ok.. means can kick from guild liao... :p.

Ruby said...

haha kucing!!! im gonna blog soon too. :D

AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

ladyviral : hey, u all still playing AO? the other day i login..guild no ppl also..got 2 3 name that i dunno.my id with A7x ady XD

Ruby : harimau la..

ladyviral said...

Yea still playing... wow... your that day is when? Guild got a make over liao... Got alot of people on most of the time, but maybe mostly AFK nia hehehe... ok ok means can kick CrazyX out liao.

With A7x? He also missing! Puix! Give me mar! I sapu all your gears! Give to someone who isn't playing also aiyar!