14 July 2008

Farewell For Christina

A farewell party-like for Christina, my new housemate in Seri Kembangan here. She's transferring from MMU Cyberjaya campus FOE -> MMU Melaka campus FBL. So we planned to have a farewell for her before she go to Melaka, or more accurately she back from Melaka and pack her thing at Seri Kembangan here..lolx...

Since she said she wanna have some steamboat, so we went to Restaurant Talipon at Kelana Jaya, which is the food here not as good as Restaurant Talipon in Kuchai Lama.

Can see all the fish here? It'll finish by Mr. Ng Chang Khai alone later.

And here come the Mr. Ng Chang Khai's face after he done with all the fishes alone + the lamb that I bbq for him but then he f*ck me for giving him that :(

When around 10++ pm, me and Navind still enjoying our RM21.80 buffet bbq+steamboat but you know what ? The boss of the restaurant come with our bill and....

Boss : Hello, can I bill for you all 1st?

We : Oh sure, how much is it?

Boss : Rm xXx.Xx (I forget total amount)

We : *busy taking out money, push here push there, count the amount* There..Rm XxX.xX

Boss : Thank you.

We : *Look back our table* WTF!!!!

Our table is cleaned!! While we busy taking out money and count it, the boss have her staff to clean our table !! Navind and me still plan to continue our next round with the satay chicken but they cleaned our table !!! This is what we think what's behind the scene at the counter....

Boss : Wahliao ehh...That bunch of monkeys seem never eat for few days...Keep taking foods non stop 1...

Staff : Boss, just now I saw they taking the foods for almost 3 rounds oledi..Each time oso take veli alot leh...

Boss : Wah...canot like dat la...only rm21.80 / person leh..they eat like rm80/person now...Eh eh...I heard they say wan next round again ????? Wah..canot canot..Here listen, I now go bill them, then you all fast fast help me clean their table when they paying the money. So they canot next round anymore.

Staff : Ok boss. You so clever ...

We all think that's what happen before the boss come bill us..hmmm...No more bbq no more steamboat, got no plan - as usual when no plan = go sing K !!! So we drive all the way to Subang Neway and continue our night!! Sing Sing Sing Sing ~~~ Then Navind take photos with his Nokia N73.

Chang Khai with his fake smile to cover his fulliness of fishes in his body.

Christina with her boy friend. Oppss "Ter-cover" by Christina.

The Housemate. Except Samuel (Back Malacca for some1 more important than us) and James Chow (Back Ipoh for emergency stuff)

Last, me and Christina.


nANa said...

although i look ugly in all da photo but i still appreciate alvin post up them here.

haiz ~ really TOUCHED for that. you guys really kind.

p/s:ah khai not only good in eating but good in singing too.LOL~ (sound like promoting him...)

AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

he almost vomit because of the fish..during on the way to neway, in car...he was breathing so loud dat cant even talk with us...lolx

yLing said...

Nana is ur frend..
U is Nana frend..
Dun sad dun sad~
will meet up 1 day~^.^

AlvinFtc aka Wolfz said...

oh..so u r nana's fren too :)

yLing said...

Go some class same wif her~^.^
Juz know her only~